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Configure Data Transfer Mode

Pixie supports two methods for accessing your cluster's data from the Live UI. More information on these two modes can be found here.

Data Passthrough Mode (Default)

In data passthrough mode, your cluster's data flows through Pixie's control cloud via a reverse proxy as encrypted traffic without any persistence. This allows users to access data without being in the same VPC/network and is the default mode for Pixie. The admin page of Pixie's Live UI, will show your cluster's mode as "Passthrough".

Admin page showing Passthrough mode.

Data Isolation Mode

In data isolation mode, the browser directly proxies into Pixie's Vizier module in your cluster. To see data in the Live UI, you must be behind your cluster's firewall.

To configure your cluster to use Data Isolation Mode, use Pixie's CLI tool to

  1. Get your cluster's ID:
px get viziers
Access your cluster id using the `px get viziers` command.
  1. Switch from Passthrough Mode (default) to Data Isolation Mode. Don't forget to copy in your cluster's id.
px config update -c <YOUR_CLUSTER_ID> --passthrough=false

The admin page of Pixie's Live UI, now shows the cluster's mode as "Direct".

Admin page showing Data Isolation (Direct) mode.
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