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CLI (Recommended)

Pixie's CLI is the fastest and easiest way to install and manage your Pixie installation.

As shown in the quick-start guide, you can install and deploy Pixie with the following commands:

# Install the Pixie CLI
bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://withpixie.ai/install.sh)"
# Deploy the Pixie Platform in your K8s cluster
px deploy

(Optional) Labeling Pixie's Resources

When deploying Pixie using the CLI, you have the option of adding one or more custom labels to the K8s objects deployed by Pixie.

# Deploy the Pixie Platform in your K8s cluster and give the deployed objects label(s)
px deploy --labels=key1=value1,key2=value2
# Example deployment with labeling:
px deploy --labels=application=pixie

Certain labels are reserved for internal use by Pixie. The following are reserved label strings that may not be used:

  • "vizier-bootstrap"
  • “component"
  • “vizier-updater-dep"
  • “app"
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