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Set up your AKS Cluster

Skip this section if you already have a target cluster set up.

If you don't, follow the AKS quick start guide or the steps below:


  • Install CLI and login by running az login
  • You can also use Azure's cloud shell to manage from your browser.

Create the cluster

Run the following command to create a 2 node cluster:

az aks create --resource-group myResourceGroup --name myAKSCluster --node-count 2 --enable-addons monitoring --generate-ssh-keys

Or, use the portal based on instructions here

Connect to the Cluster

Update kubeconfig to point to the right cluster:

az aks get-credentials --resource-group myResourceGroup --name myAKSCluster

And, verify you have the intended nodes active:

kubectl get nodes

Deploy Pixie

Once connected, follow the install steps to deploy Pixie.

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