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Data Tables

List of data sources automatically collected by Pixie.

amqp_eventsAMQP table pair events
conn_statsConnection-level stats. This table contains statistics on the communications made between client-server pairs. For network-level information such as RX/TX errors and drops, see the Network-Layer Stats (network_stats) table.
cql_eventsCassandra (CQL) request-response pair events
dns_eventsDNS request-response pair events
http_eventsHTTP request-response pair events
jvm_statsBasic JVM memory management metrics for java processes. Includes information about memory use and garbage collection.
kafka_events.betaKafka resquest-response pair events
mongodb_eventsMongoDB request-response pair events
mux_eventsMux request-response pair events
mysql_eventsMySQL resquest-response pair events
nats_events.betaNATS messages.
network_statsNetwork-layer RX/TX stats, grouped by pod. This table contains aggregate statistics measured at the network device interface. For connection-level information, including the remote endpoints with which a pod is communicating, see the Connection-Level Stats (conn_stats) table.
pgsql_eventsPostgres (pgsql) request-response pair events
probe_statusThis table contains the deployment status of eBPF probes in different Stirling source connectors and the error messages if deployment failed
proc_exit_eventsTraces all abnormal process exits
process_statsCPU, memory and IO stats for all K8s processes in your cluster.
redis_eventsRedis request-response pair events
stack_traces.betaSampled stack traces of applications that identify hot-spots in application code. Executable symbols are required for human-readable function names to be displayed.
stirling_errorThis table contains the status of tracepoints in different Stirling source connectors and the error messages.
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