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Compile Time Functions

Functions that are evaluated and usable at run time. Unlike Execution Time Functions, these are usable at compile-time meaning you can pass them as parameters to Operators as well as ExecTime functions.

px.daysGets the specified number of days.
px.equals_anyReturns true if the value is in the list.
px.hoursGets the specified number of hours.
px.make_upidCreate a UPID from its components to represent a process.
px.microsecondsGets the specified number of microseconds.
px.millisecondsGets the specified number of milliseconds.
px.minutesGets the specified number of minutes.
px.nowGet the current time.
px.parse_durationParse a duration string to a duration in nanoseconds.
px.parse_timeParse the various time formats into a unified format.
px.script_referenceCreate a reference to a PxL script.
px.secondsGets the specified number of seconds.
px.strptimeParse a datestring into a px.Time.
px.uint128Parse the UUID string into a UInt128.
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