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Deploys a tracepoint on a process and collects the traced data into a table.

Deploys the tracepoint on the process (UPID) for the specified amount of time (TTL). The provided name uniquely identifies the tracepoint, and is used to manage the tracepoint (e.g. future calls to UpsertTracepoint or DeleteTracepoint.) A call to UpsertTracepoint on an existing tracepoint resets the TTL, but otherwise has no effect. A call to UpsertTracepoint on an existing tracepoint with a different tracepoint function will fail. UpsertTracepoint automatically creates a table with the provided name should it not exist; if the table exists but has a different schema, the deployment will fail.


namestrThe name of the tracepoint. Should be unique with the probe_fn.
table_namestrThe table name to write the results. The table is created if it does not exist. The table schema must match if the table does exist.
probe_fnUnion[px.ProbeFn, str, pxtrace.TraceProgram, List[pxtrace.TraceProgram]]The tracepoint function, BPFTrace program or pxtrace.TraceProgram to deploy.
targetUnion[px.UPID,px.SharedObject,pxtrace.PodProcess,pxtrace.LabelSelector]The process or shared object to trace as specified by unique Vizier PID.
ttlpx.DurationThe length of time that a tracepoint will stay alive, after which it will be removed.
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