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The methods you can apply to DataFrames

DataFrame.DataFrameSets up a DataFrame object from the specified table.
DataFrame.__getitem__Keeps only the specified columns.
DataFrame.aggAggregates the data based on the expressions.
DataFrame.appendUnions the passed in dataframes with this DataFrame.
DataFrame.ctx.__getitem__Creates the specified metadata as a column.
DataFrame.dropDrops the specified columns from the DataFrame.
DataFrame.filterReturns a DataFrame with only those rows that match the condition.
DataFrame.groupbyGroups the data in preparation for an aggregate.
DataFrame.headReturn the first n rows.
DataFrame.mapSets up the runtime expression and assigns the result to the specified column.
DataFrame.mergeMerges the input DataFrame with this one using a database-style join.
DataFrame.rollingGroups the data by rolling windows.
DataFrame.streamExecute this DataFrame in streaming mode.
px.debugOutputs the data from the engine as a debug table
px.displayOutputs the data from the engine.
px.exportSends a DataFrame from Pixie to the specified output.
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