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Defines the DataFrame mapping to an OpenTelemetry Metric Gauge

Gauges specify the "current value" of a metric at a given time. The source DataFrame must have a time_ column of type TIME64NS or the compiler will throw an error.


namestringThe name of the metric. Must adhere to [OpenTelemetry's naming conventions](https://opentelemetry.io/docs/reference/specification/metrics/api/#instrument)
valueColumnThe column that contains the data. Must be either an INT64 or a FLOAT64.
descriptionstring, optionalA description of what the metric tracks.
attributesDict[string, Column|string], optionalA mapping of attribute name to a string or the column that stores data about the attribute.
unitstring, optionalThe unit string to use for the metric. If not specified, will attempt to use the Semantic Type of the `value` to infer the unit string.


OTelDataContainer: the mapping of DataFrame columns to OpenTelemetry Gauge fields. Can be passed into px.otel.Data() as the data argument.

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