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Updating Pixie

Pixie has three components that can be updated:

Updating the CLI

  1. Check the version of Pixie's CLI tool you are running with:
px version
  1. Compare your CLI version with the latest release.

  2. If necessary, update the CLI with:

px update cli

Updating Pixie Cloud & Vizier

Pixie's CLI tool is required to update Pixie Vizier. To update Pixie Cloud and Vizier:

  1. Check your Vizier version with the CLI or by looking at the Live UI Admin page (/admin/clusters). To check the Vizier Version using the CLI, run:
# Check Pixie Vizier Version
px get viziers
  1. Compare your Vizier version to the latest release.

  2. Update your fork / clone of the Pixie repo.

  3. (Optional) Update the version numbers in the artifact_tracker_versions.yaml file. The release versions in this file are periodically updated, but do not track the latest release. To find the latest release, check the release notes:

  1. Re-deploy Pixie Cloud by running the following . This step assumes you previously deployed Pixie cloud to the default namespace (plc).
kustomize build k8s/cloud/public/ | kubectl apply -f - --namespace=plc
  1. Update Pixie Vizier with:
px update vizier
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