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Using Pixie

The following tutorials demonstrate the different ways you can interact with Pixie's observability platform.

All three interfaces execute PxL scripts.

PxL Scripts

Scripts are written using the Pixie Language (PxL). PxL is a DSL that follows the API of the the popular Python data processing library Pandas. All PxL is valid Python.

PxL scripts can both:

  1. Query telemetry data collected by the Pixie Platform (DNS events, HTTP events, etc).
  2. Extend Pixie to collect new data sources (in addition to those it collects by default).

Script Catalog

Pixie provides many open source scripts, which appear under the px/ namespace in Pixie's Live UI and CLI.

These community scripts enable the developer community with a broad repository of use-case specific scripts out of the box. Over time, we hope this grows into a community driven knowledge base of tools to observe, debug, secure and manage applications.

Use Case Tutorials

To use Pixie for a specific use case, check one of the following tutorials:

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